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The1st travel service subscription
that guarantees the lowest prices and allows you to save up to go.

Your most beautiful trips,
without the fees.

When you book a trip or a weekend, regardless of the operator,
you pay, without knowing it, a commission ranging from 7% to 12%.
if the trip is on promotion or private sale.
With Travel Prime, this commission is eliminated!


Travel at low cost!

How is this possible?

Travel Prime redistributes to its subscribers the included commissions granted by the travel operators at the time of a purchase.

As a subscriber, we guarantee you the lowest price with NO INTERMEDIARY, NO COMMISSION all year round.


Two methods

On-demand display
You browse as normal on your favorite browser, you are logged in as a Travel Prime member and the magic happens. Prices are now updated with all deductions, including commissions.

A discount code
Choose your tour operator to generate a discount code on demand from the Travel Prime interface. Simply insert it in the traditional "discount code" field, before a purchase, to take advantage of the guaranteed lowest price, transforming the commission granted into direct purchasing power.


That's not all...

When you are a Travel Prime member, in addition to the commission-free price guarantee, the platform allows you to set aside, at your own pace, your savings in a protected account in your name. This amount is of course freely recoverable at any time. You will have no more excuses not to leave!

The best part?
You join the first community of travelers "ready to go" allowing Travel Prime to negotiate ever greater discounts with tour operators for each new subscriber.


Stay zen.

100% secure, 100% transparent.

Travel Prime uses blockchain to certify its operations. With this technology, member smart contract management, rewards, loyalty, third party transfer... everything is tracked.

Thanks to our commission redistribution model, we use the trust that blockchain technology brings in the most virtuous way possible.

Become a member

Always be sure to travel at the lowest price with the subscription of

Introductory offer

To constitute the heart of the community, an exclusive pre-sale of 5,500 subscriptions is organized in the form of a Digital Pass "Ambassador"
which will offer the subscription fee of 6.90€ / month for life and the benefits below.

Ambassador PASS
🎁 199€ instead of 249€
PROMO price for the first 500 purchased
VAT 20% included of 33,17€.
Service subscription fees FREE FOR LIFE
Become co-actors in the realization of the platform and certain operations of the company
Gift allocated according to the rarity index of the PASS acquired and the volume of PASSes sold (at the end of sales)
One chance out of 5500, with the last PASS sold, to win a trip around the world (and other gifts)
You are on the priority list and always ahead of the other PASSes
Pre-order one of the first 500 PASS👌

We want every traveler to be at the center of the Travel Prime project.
At the end of the pre-sales, each Ambassador can be asked
to contribute regularly to this new project.